Server Installations

It would not be wrong if we say that a strong Server setup is very necessary for the safe and uninterrupted running of the business. A few of the many usages of a Server are to host a company’s intranet, website, or for sending, receiving and storing faxes, and also to permit the staff to work remotely.

At Foxetech we understand our client’s requirement as per which we design and then install the servers with a hope of exceeding the expectations. We being partners with Microsoft ensure that our staff is Microsoft Certified so that we give the best and most up to date service to our clients. Along with installing new Microsoft based servers we also upgrade, repair and maintain your existing servers.

We also provide Small Business Server enabling Outlook Web Access so that our clients can continue using emails from any web enabled computer in the world. It also share files, Printers, Faxes, and provide a simple central store making backing up your files simple.

Foxetech is always ready to answer your doubts and questions regarding server requirement, so please feel free to contact us for further discussions.