Search Engine Optimization, SEO

FoxeTech offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services with a guaranteed ranking on top search results of any search engine. All relevant keywords or keyword phrases, through our exceptional SEO services, achieve higher placement in the search results; hence a sudden increase of web traffic on targeted websites. We blend a refreshing mix of traditional SEO techniques with a cutting edge approach to Web 2.0 promotion, online brand building as well as search engine marketing. All small, medium and large-scale enterprises can easily be on top by using our affordable, cost effective SEO services.

FoxeTech helps achieve the SEO target goals by strategically working on optimizing and boosting the search engine rankings of your websites.Our SEO results are mathematically accurate, and with the help of scientific tools, research-based customized content, intense website code, and navigation and internal linking modifications, our all SEO offers are second-to-none in online world.

Following are the SEO solutions that we provide:

Keyword Research
As a significant part of all SEO services, FoxeTech helps identify smartly chosen and meticulously arranged keywords in order to effectively target online marketing campaigns. With our rich experience in reaching the target audience through intelligent keyword selection, we expand the existing keyword list of our clients and include best-chosen keywords and phrases depending upon their relevancy and pertinence to the business.

Competitive Analysis
Our SEO department, comprising a team of highly-experienced SEO professionals, deeply analyzes the competitive marketplace as well as existing marketing trends for chosen keywords. In fact, many companies, through search engines, compete for a major share of the web traffic on chosen keywords. When directing your optimization campaign, we also inform about optimization strategies applied by your competitors by tracking featured links of their websites including related research-based findings mentioning loopholes and plus-points within their optimization techniques. Along with an aggressive result-oriented SEO campaign, we also design transparent reporting systems providing you relevant data and effective metrics to assess the regular progress of your SEO campaign. Our competitive analysis reports, for this purpose, greatly assist you to exactly know the key areas of weakness, strength and existing opportunities related with recent keyword trends as utilised by leading companies online.

Local Search Engine Optimization
Despite offering a global presence, our highly intelligent optimization process is also most rewarding and profitable to address local business markets. Your online presence, facilitated by FoxeTech, puts you atop within search results. Thus, your company is equally noticeable to international customers as well as for those looking for local businesses.

Search Friendly Web Design
FoxeTech has a proven record in creating search-friendly web designs for a number of websites. Despite offering an attractive look, we develop web designs in a way that automatically puts these web pages on top of search results in all search engines. Our web design services are quite focused and entirely customized to deliver maximum results to both client and the customers.

Website Analytics
Through our well-experienced team of web analysts, FoxeTech provides Website Analytics Services to determine actual performance of chosen keywords on major search engines. Our web analytics reports help to identify strength and weakness of certain keywords together with related factors driving web traffic to your website. It also helps you to know which of those chosen keywords successfully convert to new clients and customers. Thus, our web analytics deliver complete well-integrated reports with all statistical and graphical measurements to assess overall performance and due adjustments needed to efficiently optimize search marketing campaigns.

Link Building
There are the numbers of relevant, quality inks pointing to targeted website which determine how well it´s shown within search results. FoxeTech provides high-quality and proven link building services. Our link building experts utilize intelligent techniques to get first-rate quality links so as to enhance website rankings in the search engines.

Contextual Advertising
FoxeTech also provides contextual advertising services by showing text ads meticulously placed within content of selected websites. By using technology-supported smart solutions, we target contextual advertising by keywords relevant to advertisement, and also by URL of the website displaying this ad.

Press Release Optimization/ Online Public Relations
FoxeTech offers Online Public Relations and Press Release Optimization services helping our valued clients to know whereabouts of customers as where and how their customers usually spend their time on the web. We optimize press releases including all other forms of communications meant for major search engines as well. We offer quite result-oriented Online Public Relation services by using innovative solutions to spread your message to target audiences. As opposed to traditional public relations campaigns, our cost-effective online public relations help reach a rather increased number of targeted audiences in a least possible time.

Blog Marketing
Today, blogging has become an integral part of successful online marketing campaigns. As it boosts up customer experience with targeted website, Blog Marketing, as offered by FoxeTech, is an ideal way to produce totally new, fresh, and exclusive search engine friendly content. Blogs are also effective in building up closer relationships with global customers. Our Blog Marketing services help our clients set up their exclusive blog which consequently leads to multiplied web traffic and augmented sales.