Security and Threat Management

Threats to your business are constantly evolving. Your business is exposed to data deletion and lost productivity at any moment. Our approach is to identify which threats will have the most critical impact, so we are able to quickly normalize the incoming threat feeds and prioritize them according to criticality while also creating a remediation plan.

Our Security and Threat Management services include:

Firewall Systems (Managed)

Foxetech’s Firewall service deliver superior protection for small and mid-size businesses. Foxetech’s custom builds all of its firewalls based on the customers needs and security level. You get a complete firewall solution that protects your business with security experts who manage, monitor and maintain network security including software updates, patch implementations and firewall defense testing. The result provides controlled perimeter access to your equipment hosted in our data centers.

Centralized Anti-Virus Management and Support

At Foxetech, with our highly advanced Centralized Management System, we can manage a number of Anti-virus versions. Along with fixing the Centralized systems in your organizations, we also offer support to companies having existing centralized anti-virus management systems, thereby helping you save a lot of time and effort. Here are some of the advantages of installing the centralized system through us:

The administrative costs due to management of installation, maintenance, and upgrades from a central console can be trimmed down.

  • Manual tasks are minimal as we use automating routine antivirus maintenance and updates.
  • Greater operation flexibility and control is provided by us.

Network Filtering

Foxetech’s Network Filtering solutions drop undesirable traffic before it enters a protected network based on either source addresses or destination addresses.

Content Filtering

The internet is a minefield for users who are not technology-savvy or who have a habit of clicking on links and downloading files without thinking of the consequences. As the web threat becomes more complex and the Internet becomes a focal point for social, business and personal communication, web content filtering (and its additional security benefits) can go a long way toward protecting the network. Foxetech understands the risks associated with unrestricted internet browsing, and the traps that exist to trick unsuspecting users into clicking on links or files that could introduce viruses and compromise your network.

Spam Filtering

Foxetech provides organizations greater overall flexibility and simplicity with integrated email with fully integrated anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities to protect your users.

Web Filtering

Foxetech’s Web Filtering solutions to improve employee productivity, decrease legal liability, and optimize use of network resources. It allows for customized policies to meet specialized needs and minimizes administrative overhead.