Flat Rate IT Support

No-Fix No-Fee Policy

We firmly believe in the principle:

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction

Perfection in the services which we offer is the prime aim of Foxetech’s staff. We always make sure that our teams of technicians are certified to stay connected in the fast-paced, rapidly changing world of technology. We commit to excellence, because of which we are confident to offer you a complete No Risk guarantee.
From the very beginning, Foxetech has been a customer-driven company, due to which we rely on “pay for performance” policy. We don’t charge for a consultation or diagnosis of a problem. To be clearer, let’s say you have a problem and need a solution. If we cannot provide that solution, we would not ask for a fee. Instead, the unresolved issues will be escalated to higher level of technicians and they will further study the problem and if possible solve the issue. We are the experts, and therefore; there should be no risk involved for you. We make sure that you don’t pay for a diagnostic or advice from us. That is why we say: “No Fix, No Pay.”

If we cannot fix your problem, you don’t pay!

Free Diagnosis (At the Shop Only)

Foxetech provides Free Diagnosis of your computer systems and network hardware. All you need to do is bring your machine to our shop.