What Our Clients Say About Us


I am a repeat customer as I work for several businesses. I appreciate the fact that they always have what I need and there is no waiting. Alex is very informative, friendly and always loyal to his customers. This is a one stop shop! They do it all and have it all! I highly recommend Foxetech to everyone!…

El & SK Ray.Phoenix AZ

First off Alex is Awesome! He’s very nice and understanding about any of your computing needs. He answers all your questions simply and easy. He even allowed me a few days to get my money in order. He changed out my hard drive on my laptop. My work was done within hours of dropping off my laptop. I would absolutely recommend his services to any and everyone.. This my second experience with Alex and I’m am completely happy with everything about being a loyal customer. I will be back to him from now on with all my computer needs.

Jared Murphy.Phoenix AZ

Aravind (Alex) is efficient and effective. I will be going back to purchase my second laptop.

Adrian Trice.Phoenix AZ

I would never trust my computer needs to anyone else. .. Exceptional quality and service for a fraction of the price. But Don’t take my word for it…. check them out and tell them I sent you! 😉

Nina Rogers.Phoenix AZ

Had some computer issues recently and Google directed me towards Foxetech. Visited the shop and met Alex, told him my issues and we went in the back to check things out. Few minutes later, he confirmed my motherboard had gone bad. Very pleasant and professional guy that knows his stuff. Even though he deals primarily with small businesses, he still takes care of individuals since he, in his own words “doesn’t want to forget about the people who got him where he is and helped his business grow.” Highly recommend Foxetech!

George Covarrubias.Phoenix AZ

Bought laptop from Alex and was impressed with his no nonsense style. He was very informative and friendly. I was surprised when he answered his phone after business hour to help me with a problem. Looking forward to continue doing business with Alex.

Ray H.HillTopConsultant, Phoenix AZ

I would highly recommend Foxetech to anyone who has computer issues. Here is my story, we are a small business with about 15 employees, we started having computer problems and did not know where to go. After calling 4 different business for service and getting no response from left voicemails or someone telling me that they will call back and never do, I tried Foxetech. We needed prompt service because I was leaving for our office in Las Vegas the next day. Foxetech answered the phone on the second ring , was vey helpful attempting to assist us over the phone to resolve our issues, when that didn’t work I asked for service that day. Foxetech technician Alex said his day was full but told me he would be out to fix our issue between 5 pm and 7 pm that night. Wow! That’s service, Alex did just what he said, he was at our door promptly and stayed until 9 pm resolving our computer issues in order to accommodate my schedule. I will make it my mission to tell everyone I know to use Foxetech for their computer needs. They have a lifelong customer with my company , that’s what business is all about. Thank you Alex and Foxetech.

Kenneth P.Glendale AZ

BEST Computer’s & BEST SERVICE! After crashing through several laptops & the expense of replacing programs, FOXETECH provided an excellent and reliable solution. The owner’s prompt and knowledgeable service matched me up with a solid machine that performs flawlessly. As a result several friends and businesses referred have had their expectations exceeded by the owner’s service and products. The owner, an IT professional, is exceptionally responsive; questions are fully answered, and service is personalized. I highly recommend FOXETECH as a top quality, effective solution for your home or business computer needs and will continue referring friends and colleagues.

Kimberly Peaslee.Phoenix AZ

A very satisfied customer, so glad I found Foxetech! In an attempt to replace my outdated laptop with something quicker, I ended up getting a Precision M6400 that beats the performance of my desktop as well. Thanks to Foxetech, I received twice the computer for half the price of big-box retail.

Dale Hays.Phoenix AZ

DEFINITELY COME HERE. (And definitely don’t go to best buy.) I bought a Lenovo T-500 with Windows 7 Pro on it used from here about 3 months ago. I had several problems with the power supply, but I was running it on an inverter because I drive a truck over-the-road, (The inverter was bad) I’m only home in Phoenix a few days a month.The owner helped me over the phone (when I was in a Best Buy in Oregon), and in person a few times, he was very helpful. He also let me install 3 very important computer programs on the computer before buying, I didn’t think they would work, and was hanging on to Win XP, but I had to upgrade at this point. The programs worked, and I bought the computer. I’m very happy so far. The owner is a good person, and will help you out.

Guy Smith.Phoenix AZ

Very Intelligent Computer Technician, purchased a Dell computer for business and have had no issues or problems.. 2 weeks later ordered parts for a computer build ..Good service very knowledgeable , highly recommend FoxeTech for your Computer or networking Concerns.. 11-28-13

Adrian Kakar.Tucson AZ