What is an CompTIA Authorized Service Center?

The CompTIA Authorized Service Center (ASC) credential validates an organization’s level of technical certification, resulting in competitive differentiation and customer confidence. It identifies organizations that employ certified technicians in the areas of PC repair, network support and server support. Give your business an edge and show customers that your organization is committed to quality technical service by obtaining the ASC credential.

CompTIA certifications are globally recognized industry credentials that validate the latest skills needed by today’s support professionals. Major hardware and software vendors, distributors and solution providers accept CompTIA certifications as the standard in foundation-level, vendor-neutral certification for service technicians.

The CompTIA ASC program establishes a level of comfort with customers. It shows that your staff has met the requirements by obtaining CompTIA certifications, recognized and trusted industry credentials. Displaying the ASC logo demonstrates that you and your employees take pride in your work, and are interested in advancing the skill level and quality of business operations.

Why Choose CompTIA Authorized Service Center (ASC)

When you choose a CompTIA Authorized Service Center (ASC), you understand that you will receive quality technical service. Businesses that meet even higher technical and customer service requirements are given the ASC Gold designation.

Have the right people at the right time deliver the right solution to you by insisting that your technical services are performed by CompTIA certified professionals.

Program Credential Verification

To ensure standards are met and that businesses employ CompTIA certified technicians, CompTIA ASC applicants must go through a meticulous validation process.

Each CompTIA ASC participating organization is required to submit a list of its technicians to CompTIA for confirmation of certification. CompTIA then uses its database to verify the technicians’ names and CompTIA CareerID numbers (a confidential unique identification number that links technicians to certifications earned). A manual credential check is then performed to ensure accuracy.

This process guarantees that the staff is comprised of the requisite amount of CompTIA certified technicians before the organization is deemed a CompTIA ASC holder. Those organizations that aspire to the CompTIA ASC Gold credential have proven that their full staff meets higher technical and customer service requirements.

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