Security for data and networks

Foxetech offers you a way to optimize and secure your network with minimum effort and investment. We live in an era where the defensive capabilities of traditional security tools have been eclipsed by the capabilities of modern attackers. Major breaches are consistently occurring in the networks of even the most technically savvy enterprises.

What today’s enterprises need is an active, responsive, and integrated approach to network security.

To combat today’s sophisticated attacks, administrators and incident responders require the best equipment and the deepest visibility into the activities, applications, and personas on their network. They need the ability to react quickly to events in real time within the full context of the event, because the stakes, whether reputation, financial loss, or market cap exposure are too high.

network security

When assessing security products and services, we think in terms of best-of-breed integration to deliver end-to-end threat detection, analysis, and containment.