Server Hardware Support

Foxetech has an excellent reputation and expert staff. Our technicians are employees. We conduct regular training workshops to stay on top of current trends and technology. We’re flexible and work with you – within your budget and your timeframe. Whether you would like assistance pinpointing a particular problem or want to set up a maintenance schedule to avoid costly repairs, call today to find out how we can get our network of highly trained support professionals working for your business. Foxetech understands that every organization operates differently.

We provide support for:

Super Micro
Cisco UCS

Our Hardware Support services include:

Server Repair

We remove the stress and hassle of maintaining your mission-critical server hardware, and keep your company’s servers running smoothly with:

  • Top Speeds
  • Minimal Downtimes
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Back-Up Systems

Hard Disk Drive Upgrades

First, we discover what type of hard drive you need by peeking inside your systems. Armed with that knowledge, we decide faster drives that hold oodles of information.

KVM Installations

KVM switches are useful where there are multiple computers, but no need for a dedicated keyboard, monitor and mouse for each one. They are frequently used in datacenters where multiple servers are placed in a single rack with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. A KVM switch then allows data center personnel to connect to any server in the rack.

Memory Replacements and Upgrades

Replacing and upgrading the memory of your desktop PC, laptop, netbook or electronic device can be a rewarding and money-saving experience, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what memory fits with your product. Foxetech makes finding the right memory easy and caters to all tech levels.

Motherboard Replacements

With the constant pace of change in the processor and chipset markets, motherboards become outdated very quickly when it comes to upgrade options. This means that any major new computer upgrade tends to require a new motherboard with it, and this brings a whole new set of complications.

Power Supply Replacements

When a PC power supply dies or begins to wear out, it must be replaced. If there are system startup failures or lockups, memory errors, HDD file system corruption or USB power issues, this is often directly related to your power supply.Your computer or server may be working fine with cheap generic power supply. However when you upgrade your hardware or a part of your hardware, you may face stability issues.

Processor Upgrades

Processors are one of the more important elements in the system, and any upgrade gone wrong could hurt the entire system. Eventually, companies are faced with deciding between updating their current server setup or replacing it altogether. In the majority of cases, an update will be more cost-effective. The problem is that it is hard to know whether an update will be sufficient for your needs.

Video Card Upgrades

We choose the perfect card for your impending upgrade. We get the most powerful GPU, with the largest amount of onboard memory as per your budget.The graphics market is ever-evolving, and our computers evolve right along with it. Unless you’re coming from really old hardware, a new graphics card will only incrementally improve performance. If your system is several generations old, you probably have more performance issues than a new GPU will solve.

Cable Management

We carry cable management products for horizontal cable organizers, vertical cable management, rack cable management, server room cable management systems, and more innovative products for every application of cable management system.

There are many facets of cable management depending on how detailed you want to get. These include:

  • Inside the storage device rack.
  • Inside the server device rack.
  • Inside the physical network layer.

All of them are equally important to the bottom-line of why we want to make sure all our cables are dressed and labeled properly. The most important line being “trouble-shooting”