Virus & Spyware Removal

No matter what kind of computer you have, you always need the most up-to-date Anti-Virus software. Not only do Anti-Virus programs protect your computer from crashing, but they also prevent you from accidentally passing the infection to other computers of family and friends when you send e-mails or share files. If you’re unsure about which virus software to install or how to configure it, just give us a call. Customers trust us to fix their home or business computers.
Virus and spayware removal
Signs you may be infected by a Virus, Spyware or Malware

  • Your computer is displaying pop-ups and unusual content
  • Your home page changes unexpectedly
  • Your computer gets very slow
  • It locks up or crashes frequent
  • You cannot access your disks or data has disappeared
  • Your anti-virus software is disabled for no apparent reason